Welcome to VBA and Excel!

Get more out of Excel and other Office Applications with Visual Basic for Applications.

Have you ever wondered how you can get more out of your Micrsoft Office package?

Most people know how to enter a simple formula in Excel, or write some text in Word. But creating a Pivot table or automatically generating an Index of Table of Content is a bridge to far for most people. That is really a shame because many companies would be able to increase their efficiency and productivity if they only knew how to utilize Microsoft Office better.

But Office can do a lot more than calculating formula's, making graphs and pivot tables or do mailings.

Under the hood lies an incredible piece of technology that enables you to do pretty much everything you want to do on your computer. Office comes with a programming environment and language called VBA. VBA is an abbreviation of Visual Basic for Applications. You might have heard about VBA as the macro language. It enables you to record and automate your Office related tasks.

This website is intended for people that already know to some extend how to program in VBA. On this website you will find tips, tricks and pieces of code that will hopefully assist you in creating your own macro's.


Please note that this website is not finished yet. I am currently moving all the code from my old website to here. More about that on the About page.


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